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November 2007
Applied Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-on to our Malti-Poo, who is like a member of our family. Same symptoms less than 30 minutes after application, foaming, vomiting, drooling, acting crazy & hyper panting etc, all the same symptoms in the post left 10/29 by Phyllis.

I felt so guilty because I spend a lot of time on the Internet, am used to looking for these possible reactions in family medicine and didn't think to do so here and "assumed" because this was an over the counter product it would be fine for my pet.

When my wife was crying because of the way Shue-Pei' was acting and how sick she obviously was, and we frantically washed the medicine off her, I felt 2 inches tall.

After a sleepless night, our dog is fine and acting like nothing happened.

I'm glad I found this site and sorry for those that didn't pull through as well as ours did and cannot believe this garbage continues to be sold in such a cavalier fashion.

I will never, and will encourage everyone I meet NEVER to buy this type of product again. I'm wondering if there are dogs out there who haven't had this happen to them now that I'm aware of this.

JJR60616  11/1/07


It was a long battle but Max made it!!!

Seventeen days ago I applied a new product (Advantage Multi treatment) to my two cats Max and Missy,  to get red of a flea problem.  I usually use Frontline but the vet told me Advantage Multi treats heart worms  and ear mites as well as fleas. Max did have an ear mite infestation some time ago so I decided to use  the Advantage.  Big mistake!

Two days after application Max failed to sleep in his normal spot and from then on for 14 days slept  excessively; developed diarrhea; vomiting; refused to eat or drink and had trouble walking.

At first I thought he had eaten something bad, but buy the third day, when he started having trouble walking,  I realized it must have been the Advantage, so I took him to the vet.

The vet found that Max had a temp of 105 and prescribed subcutaneous water and a appetite stimulant,  a inter muscular shot of Valium worked instantly and Max ate 1/2 a can of food right there and the other half at home.

At home I continued giving Max fluids under the skin and Valium pills before meal time.  In the eight years  Max has been with me, I have never seen him in such a terrible mood, growling and hissing if touched. At  one point I didn't think he would make it, he just wasn't eating enough even with the Valium.

After about 10 days I noticed Max was responding to his name (his ears and tail would twitch).  At day 12  he started to eat and drink on his own and each morning became more active and alert.

It's day seventeen now and he is almost back to normal, playing and purring and starting to make up for  lost mealtimes.(he lost about 3 pounds).

My other cat only developed diarrhea, so it appears to affect cats differently.

After doing research on the active ingredients of Advantage Multi, I discovered Max's symptoms matched  those reported for Moxodectin, except for the seizures, which I believe is due to the lower than recommended
dose I gave Max, Max was 15 lbs and I gave him a dose for a 5-9 lbs cat.

When I found this web site, I was furious that the same drug that was pulled off the market, (Pro Heart) due to  its adverse reactions, was being used again in Advantage Multi.

Moxidectin is a powerful pesticide and is completely absorbed through the skin in 6-12 hours, and it takes  15 DAYS TO ELIMINATE HALF THE DOSE!

Needless to say I will view all new treatments, vaccination and advice from the vet, (I have since changed vets) with much more caution.

I hope that this post will save many cats and their owners from going through this extended nightmare.

Joel  11/2/07

Here is an FDA Warning Letter that was sent to Bayer on June 11, 2007, concerning a TV ad and other promotional material which minimized the risks associated with Advantage Multi:

Here is an excerpt:

"The Division of Surveillance has reviewed a 60-second direct-to-consumer (DTC) television advertisement  (TV ad) entitled "Field Trip" for Advantage MultiT (imidacloprid/moxidectin) for Dogs, NADA 141-251. This  TV ad misbrands the drug within the meaning of 502(n) [21 U.S.C. § 352(n)] of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act ("Act"). This TV ad minimizes risks associated with use of the drug and fails to reveal material facts about the product in violation of the Act and its implementing regulations. See 21 CFR § 202.1(e). By omitting and minimizing the risks associated with Advantage MultiT for Dogs, the TV ad misleadingly suggests that Advantage MultiT for Dogs is safer than has been demonstrated by substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience."

"We have also reviewed exhibit booth materials from the March 17-21, 2007, AAHA meeting in Denver, Colorado, for your Advantage Multi™ (imidacloprid/moxidectin) products for Dogs and Cats. The promotional piece for the products, produced by Bayer Health Care LLC, was located in your exhibit booth at the conference. We consider the exhibit booth materials to be misleading because they fail to reveal relevant risk information. Therefore, the drugs are misbranded within the meaning of sections 502(a) and 201(n) of the Act."

James TerBush


Dear Mr. TerBush:

Thank you for forwarding e-mails about adverse incidents with pet insecticides to us. I pass them on to our pesticide incident database manager so that we have data upon which to decide if further regulatory action is needed and to back up any actions we take. As you may know, the process for getting a registered product off the market is a lengthy one; and with sufficient data, it is faster to get the manufacturer to remove the product voluntarily -- as in the case of the Hartz Advanced Care products for cats (EPA Reg. Nos. 2596-146 and 2596-151).

One thing that would help us tremendously is if you could ask people reporting incidents to include the EPA Registration Number in their reporting of the incident. There are so many registrations that use different product names that it is difficult to capture all of the incidents attributable to a given formulation without the registration number.

Although it may seem at times like EPA is slow to act, our hands are really tied by laws that are in place. We, too, hate to see even one animal hurt by a pesticide product.

Thank you for your assistance in our efforts to protect pets from adverse effects of pesticides.

Diane D. Overbey
Communication Services Branch
Field and External Affairs Division
Office of Pesticide Programs
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Phone: 703-305-5018
Fax: 703-305-5558



I have a 10+ year old diabetic Newfoundland bitch who was doing ok, despite complications of her diabetes. She used to get Frontline for ticks here (new england). Last week my husband applied Advantix b/c the vet  said they had new recommendations for flea & tick control. Within 48 hours she stopped eating (SHE ALWAYS EATS HER FOOD), was vomiting and very sick. The next day I took her in to the vet for blood tests and some  of the liver tests were so high they were off the charts. She was very sick. Over the past 2 days she has resumed eating and next week I will take her in to see if her liver tests are better. We are convinced this was caused by the Advantix. I will never again give a flea or tick medication.

Hester  11/4/07


I recently gave my 7 month old cat Frontline. We had given it to her twice before, but spilled more than  we applied. This time, I held her better to be sure I got the whole dosage on her fur. Within 1 hour, she started  acting strange, almost halucinating. She would "slink" around on the floor, acting like a "scaredy cat" and jumping at things that weren't there. She would act terrified of a slipper, or something ordinary on the floor.  She has never experienced anything like this, and is normally a friendly, very happy cat. I called the  Emergency vet, and they said that it absolutely could not be the Frontline, even if she ingested it, or even if  she was given the dog dosage by mistake. It just seems coincidental that she acted this way immediately  after. As the day went on, her mood improved, but she's still a little jumpy 2 days later. Have you ever heard  of this reaction? I'm afraid to give her a dosage next month. Thanks.

Karyn  11/5/07


hi james we now have a printer that i can scan with here are the 2 letters [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] [Page 4] i got from merial they are nearly the same as julie's letters.

eithna  11/6/07

I am glad to hear that Merial is now offering to reimburse your vet expenses.   Here is a website that discusses idiopathic epilepsy:

Here is an excerpt:

"The purpose of this article is to review what is currently known about the mode of inheritance for canine idiopathic epilepsy. As explained elsewhere in this web site, there are many causes of seizures in dogs (and humans) besides genetic epilepsy. These include, but are not limited to, head injuries, exposure to toxins, infectious diseases affecting the central nervous system, metabolic disorders, tumors, and more. Dogs should only be considered to have idiopathic epilepsy after these other causes of seizures have been ruled out by a thorough diagnostic work-up."  (emphasis mine)

James TerBush


I recently purchased Triforce Squeeze-On for dogs 9-20lbs. TERRIBLE PRODUCT. When I received it in the mail so quickly after my online purchase I should have know why. I was very excited when I received it and couldn't wait to apply it on my 16 lbs. Dachshund. I had used Frontline plus before and never had a problem,  but we just moved to a wooded area and had been having problems with ticks. So I thought, what a relief this  will be for my dog. Since this product promisses so much for tick relief. WRONG!! what a nightmare. I applied it about 8 hours ago and when I came home 5 hours after applying it I found my dog crying, scratching with  welts on his back, twitching as if being called by someone standing behind him, and his eyes were very itchy.  So I looked on the box and noticed no warnings or adverse reaction notes. I searched online and found this  site. I have bathe him with dish soap, gave him allergy medicine and applied antibiotic ointment to his soars  he now has from scratching. I did this about 3 hours ago but still see no possitive effects. I don't know what  else to do for him. Since from what I've read so far even the visit to the vet is useless and no one will take  blame. I will bathe him again, and for those who don't know this, Dachshund really hate water. So to him It's torture both ways. I hope he's feeling better in the morning and if not, to the vet it is. I hope I won't have to since I'm afraid of what they'll say there, but at least I'll know why this is happening thank to this site and all who  posted their nightmares. Thank you so much my baby really appreciates us animal owners sticking together.

Anonymous  11/7/07


I have read several articles on your page and some of the victims say their vet had an ancedote for biospot poisoning if you know what it is or where I can find out more about it I desparately need it. My 8 mo. maltese Molly is dying from biospot poisoning at the vets right now and they do not know what to do for her. We live  in a small town with few resources. On thursday I put biospot on her and fri and sat she was throwing up bile.  By sunday she had quit using her legs. I gave her a bath and rushed her to the vet. She is severly anemic, her wbc count is 27,000. They have given her 3 blood transfusions and she is on 3 antibiotics and she is not  getting any better. her ultrasound was completely normal. please help me.


Britton  11/7/07


I did some research and wrote a brief summary of the chemical that is in the shampoo/flea products. I'm not done yet as there is so much information, but if you could look at it and give me some sort of feedback and pass the word on and the research I would appreciate it!

Sara  11/9/07

(see: Sara 10/29/07)

Thank you very much for all of the information that you found concerning pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. Products that contain these ingredients are sometimes promoted as being natural or safe because pyrethrins are derived from chrysanthemum flowers. However, as you have found, pyrethrins have adverse effects on the nervous systems of insects AND animals. In addition, piperonyl butoxide is often added as a synergist to make the pyrethrin more effective (which means more toxic) and to make it stay in the animal's system longer.

Another thing that you have to consider is that the Sergeants Skip Flea Shampoo for Cats contains 99.45%  of "other ingredients." These ingredients may also have toxicity which can contribute to poisoning in animals.

Flea and tick control products can cause adverse reactions in any animal, but older animals are especially at risk. These products should warn people not to use it on older animals.

James TerBush


Do you have any reports on Tri Force Canine flea drops?   I think my 2 yr old Lhasa may have had a reaction  to it tonight.  Within a couple of hours she was scratching and whining after it had been applied and then when  I went to check on her, I found she had been drooling at the mouth too.   I immediately washed it off with dawn and then oatmeal shampoo, I do not see any red marks or anything but after the bath she is not drooling anymore and seems fine.   I just found your website and don’t see anything about that brand on there but wondered if you knew anything about it.   I found it at California vet supply and they said it was more effective than frontline and Advantage?

Becky  11/12/07


Hi, I am writting you about the bio spot. I had used it on my cat yesterday, This morning when i got up he was  in a full blown siezure. I treated him yesterday with bio spot. Today he has had 3 seizures, he is at the vets and may not make it. I also treated my dog which i immediately came home and gave him a bath. I wish I would  have looked on the internet before I used this but it is out there and you figure it is safe. I will never use another chemical on my animals again. There should be something else to get the word out there not to use these products and to make people listen. My animals are my babies and I will not know what I would do if I lost one  of them. I am telling every body about this hopefully with my word of mouth I will save another animal from going  thru this. Right now I need to vent and thank you for listening because I feel so guilty for using this stuff on my babies. I am far not done with this yet.

Kim  11/15/07


we have two little dogs josey is a schnoodle ( 1/2 schnauser and 1/2 mini poodle) and toto is a shi-a-pooh  ( 1/2 shitzu and 1/ 2 toy poodle).josey is a 2 yr old male of about 20 lbs who had no trouble with the flea treatment but toto, the 3 yr old female of about 8 lbs. almost died twice before someone told me of this site  and the dangers of the flea meds.

when we moved to our new house 3/2007 our inside dogs got to go for more frequent walks because of a  nicer neighborhood to walk in, but then we noticed fleas we had not had before. at that time we used a brand  i cannot remember from the general store . soon after toto became very ill. 700$ later in vet bills she was able  to play and go for walks again and again we noticed fleas. so in oct they went to the groomer for baths and haircuts and the vet sent home frontlline to keep the fleas off them to be applied 2 days after the bath, i do not know what they were bathed in. toto started ripping her tail hair out in chunks and swallowing it, then throwing  up fur balls like a cat. she continued attacking her tail until she had chewed part of it off with bone sticking out  the end. we tried to keep it clean and bandaged but it got infected and her tail had to be amputated. we now  have to keep her in a dish around her neck or a diaper to cover her tail unless she is sitting on our laps. at nite we have to use the diaper, the cone around her neck and sedate her so we do not wake up to a bed full of  blood where she has chewed her tail.

The vet has no idea why this has happened or what to do about it. so with another 500$ in vet bills she is sure  it is not the frontline. we don't know if toto will ever recover from this and are now looking for doggie clothes and better diapers to keep her from chewing off what little of her tail is left. there must be a way to get these products off the market, warn more people ,or at least get a better warning on the label.

toto and josey from kansas  11/17/07



JOHN  11/19/07


Hey there. I'm writing upon having found your website while searching for information regarding adverse reactions and advantage for dogs. I had been using advantage for a year and a half on my 4 year old mini schnauzer. She never had any adverse reactions and I had been very satisfied with the results as she never  had a flea problem. The problem began about three weeks ago. She had been right at the borderline to use  the medication for < than 10lbs. She had gained a couple pounds over the summer (which was the last time  we had purchased the multi-pack) so we decided to purchase the > 11lbs pack. Within a couple days she  was biting herself--mainly on her rear area, but also on her legs. She would bite herself until she was nearly  bald and bleeding. We bathed and groomed her and she was still having skin problems. I took her to the vet  and explained that the higher dose of advantage was the only change in her routine. The vet told me that she  had never heard of any skin reactions to advantage and that the dog was perhaps allergic to her food or something else. The vet also said that maybe fleas were biting my dog then jumping off, causing a skin  reaction (I have never seen a flea on my dog). I kept telling her that there was absolutely nothing else that had changed--food, environment, or otherwise. The vet insisted it is not the advantage. My dog is still trying to bite her back (she has been wearing an e-collar for the last two weeks). Is it possible that the medication is still in  the process of being excreted nearly one month later? Or is she indeed allergic to something other than the medication? She has never had this problem before. Should I take her back to the vet? I'd like my poor dog  to be comfortable and stop biting herself. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Melody  11/19/07


Like all the others, I was very glad to find your web site.  Last night we applied Sergeant's Gold to our 10# min. dauchound.  Within an hour she began shaking her head as if she had something in her ears (she didn't).  Then she began licking her back feet.  If she was laying down she would violently kick and if she was walking she would jerk up one leg or the other and begin licking.  It is as if she had been stung by something.  I have called the company and was connnected with the poison or safety control center.  They advised me that it sounded like "paresthesia", a pins and needles sensation reaction to the carrier in the product. We were advised to bath her twice with a dishwashing soap and that it may take up to 24 hrs for results.  They also recommended applying vitamin e oil to the application site to help distribute the product as well as dilute it. We have done so and are waiting on results.  I hope what we have seen is the worst of it.  My sympathy goes out to the others that have had far worse reactions to these types of products.

Deborah  11/21/07

Thank you again very much for your site and for your quick reply and for posting our experience. If you or anyone has ANY suggestions or comments as to what worked for your animal we would greatly appreciate them. As of this evening "Callie" is about the same. It is truly a shame that we have all been blind sided by this. I cannot imagine how many poor animals have suffered through this ordeal without the vet even knowing (or possibly admitting) what may be causing it. What will it take to get these products off the shelf or at least get the word  out and warn all the other unsuspecting pet owners.

Deborah  11/21/07


I gave my dog Bio-spot treatment a few months ago.  I noticed he would be lethargic after I threw the frisby for him.  I took him to the vet, and they said it was just his old age (he's 9).  I did not think to suspect the Bio-Spot.

I gave him the Bio-Spot again a few days ago.  Yesterday, he could hardly move.  He was extremely stiff and looked like he was in pain.  I then suspected the Bio-Spot and found your website.  He's at the vet now.

Are all those letters on your website true?  Has anyone sued?  There should definately be warnings on the packages.  With all these cases reported on your website, why hasn't there been a class-action lawsuit?

Anonymous  11/2607


I used the Sergeant's Gold on my 3 Pomeranian dogs.  Within a few hours, all three of my precious pets were  in distress!  I didn't go to bed that night; I stayed up holding them trying to make them comfortable.  They cried, whimpered, couldn't sit still - were scratching trying  to get at the spot where I had applied the flea "med".  They were panting, drooling and vomiting!    I called the Vet in the morning and she told me to bathe them again in Dawn dish soap, which I did.  By that afternoon, I was feeling the effects of the pesticide that was in the med.  I had burning eyes, burning nose and ran a temperature of 100! What was this horrible stuff doing to my poor beloved pets!?  I was horrified that I had inflicted them with such pain and discomfort. Luckily, two of my pets started feeling somewhat better but one was getting worse.  I took him to a Veterinary Hospital.  I left there with a $300 vet bill.  He is on antibiotics and a cream to the affected area. The Vet said it will take a couple of weeks for him to get over this. In the meantime, he hides from everyone, wondering why he doesn't feel good. I asked the Vet why the stores can sell this horrible stuff - she said "Because they can!"  What can be done to get this  off the market?  I wish I knew!

Patti  11/26/07


On Tuesday 11/27/07, my husband and I gave my 9 month old Yorkie, Moose, a treatment of Bio Spot.   Within 5 minutes, he was running around frantic, trying to rub his head and hind end on anything he could  touch.  We thought it might be a itching him, but had not idea it would get worse throughout the day. 

Thank you for your website, I read it when I got to work, and immediately went home to give Moose a bath.   He couldn't even walk correctly.  His hind end would go to the side, and he couldn't keep his balance.  I am heartbroken, and angry at myself, for not researching this first.  I stayed up all night last night, bathed him  again, and kept him right by my side.  I even brought him into my office so I could keep an eye on him.

This morning, he seems to be a little better, still a bit off when he walks.  But, he did eat this morning, and  I will email you tomorrow to let you know.  I will be calling the EPA and manufacturer this afternoon.

Thank you again for your website.

Debbie  11/28/07


My friend purchased "Bio Spot" flea medicine and used it on her dog, then gave the last two tubes in the package to me.  I thought well if it works for a small dog then it should be fine for my huge cat.  I was terribly  wrong.  Just a couple hours after giving it to my cat, my cat started foaming at the mouth and lost control of  it's body movements.  I rushed it  to the vet and was told that my cat had a 50/50 chance of making it through  the night.  My cat is still at the vet hospital.  My dog didn't have the same reaction but didn't handle the medicine well either.  We used "dawn" dish soap to wash it off of him.

The vet told me that the product kills cats.  I love my cat and would hate for someone else to go through this.

Krystal  11/28/07

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